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"We are creating Christian eLearning courses that don't bore people to tears, but instead inspire and motivate them to learn a new skill, change a certain behavior, or improve their performance.” - Cammy Bean

Your experience

Lively e-learning is to see it's design as an experience.

Carefully implemented

Journey starts where you are, and ends when successful.

Alternative eLearning

We seek to engage the mind and the spirit with fire of love

Learner engagement

Start with performance and end with performance.

All transformation

Renewal involves allowing God to transform us

Your need to know

In an engaging experience, role of instructor is optional, but role of learner is essential

Interactive courses

Cornerstone Online College is a global faith-based leader in providing media-rich online biblical education opportunities to students around the world. Our online learning platform is projected to provide interactive course opportunities to millions of students by 2020. We currently offer free individual online courses and subscription based courses with dedicated online academic programs

Mobile Friendly

We have ensured that the website is mobile friendly and can be deployed on the go by potential users


Powerful Design

The application is designed with you in mind. Simple deployment with no need of modules


Anyone Can Lean

We have removed any barrier to learning, about anyone can junp in regardless of age..


Use your phones

For those on the go, you can view courses on hand held devices anywhere, anytime


Web-Based 100% online

Easy and convenient access anywhere. No software to install. Works with your existing computers


Simple & Intuitive

Easy and convenient access anywhere. No software to install. Works with your existing computers


Integrated Application

Tooled for easy real time and effective Overall satisfaction plus increased Productivity



Web-based access to work anywhere, any time. Complete, and most user-friendly


Course Options

Through the authority of Scripture we seek to fulfill our commitment to ministry through online undergraduate education, professional development, and spiritual formation. In all of our activities, including instruction, nurture, worship, service, research, and publication, Cornerstone Online College strives for excellence in the service of Jesus Christ, under the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit, to the glory of the Father

Biblical Studies

History of Israel, the person of Jesus, Paul's letters and the early church

World Missions

Study of Christian witness and its impact in the world

Healing Ministry

Deals with both physical healing, inner healing and emotional trauma

Pastoral Studies

Study on how-to carry out service role in a local congregation

Soul winning study

Study empowering christian in his/her witness for Christ

Prophetic Studies

Study and learn Bible prophecy, symbols & images in Scripture

Why us? Biblical Illiteracy: It's Our Problem

We ought to give some urgent attention to a problem much closer to home--biblical illiteracy in the church. Here is a couple statistics by George Gallup and Jim Castelli of evangelicals who believe:

"God helps those who help themselves"


"Sodom and Gomorrah were husband and wife"


"Sermon on the Mount was preached by Billy Graham"


"Joan of Arc was Noah's wife"


Why People like us?

Will Hendricks Atlanta GA

I Learn with courses as supplementation to my in-life work. I take the training on the go, using my desktop computer and iPad to watch courses and slideshows

I am from Hindu background that God provided me opportunity to learn about Him through Cornerstone Online College website where I learned many new things and came to understand about Christian Faith.
I am thankful for this ministry I beleieve every Christian should pray for Cornerstone Online College for the great work they are doing.
I have become a young Christian. And found this ministry a blessing and a help for my new found faith in Christ and his kingdom

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