• New Creation - 1 Credit Hour
  • Christian Camping - 1 Credit Hour
  • Islam Worldview - 2 Credit Hour
  • Sep 1    2015 Fall Session
  • Jan 1    2015 Spring Session Begins
  • May 1    2015 Summer Semester Begins


    Spiritual Formation:

    Cornerstone Online College equips students in the process of spiritual formation as a life-long transforming and learning experience that emerges from our communion with Christ and forms the basis of Christian ministry. Spiritual formation involves the joyful sharing and participation in the life and love of the Father, Son and Spirit. All of our lives, individually and in communion together, are "in Christ".

    "Spiritual Formation" presents both occasions for reflection and contemplation and practical help for students to develop their personal and congregational (spiritual community) spiritual lives. Through cornerstone Online, students are equiped in the process of spiritual formation as a life-long learning journey that forms the basis of Christian service or ministry. Spiritual formation is a relationship with the Father through the indwelling of the Son by the Spirit, resulting in a dynamic process of continuous, on-going education to reflect "the whole measure of the fullness of Christ".